Kids Need to Meet the Authors

By: Mary Kienstra on: March 9, 2016  in: author, Engagement

Authors are like rock stars to kids who love to read.  My students talk about their favorite authors like they know them, holding them in the highest esteem.  These kids need to meet the authors.  They want to see their favorite authors as real people with great ideas.  This week I had the opportunity to introduce my students to a fabulous new author.  Just like her book, it was magical.

circus mirandusThis week my students met Cassie Beasely via Skype.  We had read aloud Cassie’s debut novel, Circus Mirandus as part of our fantasy genre study.  Every day my students listened as I read about the adventures of Micah, his Grandfather, and The Lightbender.  They chatted about these favorite characters and wondered what would happen next.  They couldn’t wait to read further.

I contacted Cassie Beasely on Twitter to see if she would meet my class.  She agreed quickly and we scheduled a time.  My students researched Cassie and wrote very interesting questions prior to our meeting.  Cassie was delightful as she explained the writing process to the kids and also revealed she is writing a sequel.  She told them about her pet parrot who was the inspiration for the character Chintzy.

Bringing the curriculum to life is my passion.  I think that meeting Cassie was an experience my students will remember.  How many times does a 9 year old have the opportunity to ask a favorite author questions about the book?  Thank you, Cassie!  You certainly made this experience magic for them.


Cassie Beasley chatting with my students via Skype.




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