Heads Up Vocabulary Game

By: Mary Kienstra on: April 22, 2016  in: #tlap, geometry vocabulary, vocabulary   1 Comment

Why not use games to help kids learn vocabulary? It sure is much more engaging than handing them a list of words and telling them to memorize them.  This week my class is practicing geometry vocabulary words with the party game “Heads Up” and they are loving it.  Heads Up Vocabulary Games – an engaging way to learn.

heads up

My first idea was to design this vocabulary game with the  Heads Up App on my iPhone.  I created a custom deck on my phone using the geometry terms the kids are reviewing.  It worked great on my phone.  I could try to scale it up to the iPads in my classroom, but that would require the tech department managing the app purchasing.  That takes time.  I  didn’t want to wait that long.

In the mean time, I went “old school” and wrote each geometry vocabulary word on an index card.  I made several sets of cards so that I had enough sets of cards to form groups of 3 students around the room.

When the kids were all gathered around, I asked who had played “Heads Up” with their families.  Several of them had experience and knew how to play.  That always helps.  We played a very short round as a class with me holding the index cards to my forehead while I listened to their clues.  This quick modeling encouraged everyone to engage in the game.  It also taught them the rules.  We talked about the fact that if I couldn’t “guess” the word it might be because they hadn’t given adequate clues.  I think that helped them realize that they needed to be as specific as possible with their clues.

Kids broke off in groups of three to play, taking turns holding the cards to their forehead or providing the clues. They were completely involved in the games, helping each other figure out the geometry vocabulary.












Math doesn’t have to be fun, but it sure goes much better when it is.  I know my students are learning these words and enjoying it as they do.  Innovating on a party game is always a good idea when you are looking for ways to engage kids in the content.  Now, what other games can we use to teach math concepts?? Please leave your ideas in the comments section!  Thanks for sharing!!

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    Would love this for math and science elementary level.

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