Grade Less, Measure More

By: Mary Kienstra on: January 6, 2014  in: Engagement, grades, Math, measure

Grade Less, Measure More.
This is going to be my mantra for the remainder of this school year and beyond.  I can measure student learning every day using many different kinds of tools:  my own observations, written work, student discussions, exit slips, or whatever is going on in class.  These are not necessarily graded measurements, but help me know how to engage my students in the learning that is appropriate for them at the time.
By measuring more, I know who is learning the content.  I know who needs more help.  I can plan accordingly to make sure that I am meeting their needs. I can differentiate learning to engage each of them in the activities that nudge them forward toward the learning target of the day.  
I don’t like grades – I don’t like to grade student work and I don’t like the idea of assigning student grades on report cards.  All of my students are learning.  All of them are progressing.  But, they are all learning and progressing at their own speed, as they are ready.  Measuring frequently in class shows that.  Grades may not.
Students are more engaged in their work when they are working at their level- not too hard, not too easy.  Measuring more allows me to know each student better as a learner.  THAT improves student engagement.

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