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Let Your Students Decide: Mean or Median?

By: Mary Kienstra on: September 24, 2014  in: Discussion, Engagement, Kakooma, Mean, median

Some days, what you plan to teach is not what your students learn.  Friday was one of those days, but in a good way!   Every Friday, math class begins with Kakooma Challenge.  This game has become quite a favorite.  Everyone looks forward to the challenge and hopefully beating the other classes.  (Yes, a little […] Read more

If it’s Friday, it must be Kakooma Challenge Day

By: Mary Kienstra on: January 17, 2014  in: engagement. computation, Greg Tang, Kakooma, Math, Mean, SmartBoard

        Friday has always been a good day at school, but this year Friday has become Kakooma Challenge Day in my classroom.  Maybe you’ve heard of the Kakooma game from  If you haven’t, take a look.  Kakooma Challenge gets my whole class talking about math.  They are so motivated in this […] Read more