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Order Matters! Learning Order of Operations

By: Mary Kienstra on: September 2, 2014  in: Collaboration, Discussion, Greg Tang math, Marcy Cook math, math engagement, order of operations

Nothing rocks the world of young mathematicians like the order of operations. Just when they are feeling confident with their math facts, the rules change! Now they have to follow a certain order – and it makes no sense to them at all! I introduce the proper order using PEMDAS as a guide, but there […] Read more

We Won the Kakooma Tournament!

By: Mary Kienstra on: June 9, 2014  in: Engagement, focus, Greg Tang math, Kakooma, teamwork

We are Beebe HM! We love Greg Tang’s Kakooma game in my classes.  I’ve written about our weekly Kakooma Challenge many times.  But this time, we hit it out of the park!  Greg Tang’s website ( hosted a Kakooma Tournament last week.  One part of the tourney was addition, the other multiplication. Lucky for us, […] Read more